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Save money, time and energy building your house with a construction method - insulation system ISORAST.

The ISORAST system is a new revolutionary solution in the field of construction and insulation of any type of building (residential, hotels, bungalows, and small business / industrial facilities, cold rooms , hospitals, schools, offices, etc.) that require excellent thermal performance, earthquake resistance and speedy construction.

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ISORAST Advantages


  • Fast construction and insulation (at least 4 times faster than the classical method)
  • Excellent insulation - avoiding thermal bridges and energy savings. The thermal capacity of steel reinforced and plastered walls are:
  • Excellent sound insulation by up to 45 dB and 58 dB
  • walls and spaces without moisture, mold and maintenance.
  • Avoidance of formwork. ISORAST system componenets are easily installed as LEGO bricks, creating spaces filling (molds) for reinforced concrete.
  • No need for a carrier body (skeleton) because the walls bearing the final structure are highly anti-seismic, since all walls and componenets are anti-earthquakes (monoblock construction).
  • Architectural freedom. Possibility of monitoring and execution of any architectural plan of a 12.50 cm grid
  • Much more economical construction and insulation of the whole project, as the use of ISORAST system helps: reduces cost in foundation work, reduces costs by avoiding constructing the frame by bricks, reduces costs from avoiding further insulation on the walls - beams - pillars, by avoiding a costly in both money and space central heating installation (buildings using ISORAST system can be sufficiently heated using low power heaters), overall reduces construction costs requiring less man-hours to be spent.

Advantages EPS for underfloor heating


  • Simple implementation
  • Precise placement and direction of the tube
  • complete envelopment of the heat pipes with concrete
  • Very well insulated from the spaces below
  • Outstanding acoustic
  • Non toxic eco-material - 100% recyclable



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Isorast Construction System

Used in: Construction - Insulation

Underfloor Heating

Used in: Construction - Insulation