POLYFORMA is active across the range of applications of expanded polystyrene and has developed production processes at different levels to fully meet the needs of its customers. It is a fully fledged business, whose basic business function is the production of EPS goods through the pre-expansion and shape moulding of expandable polystyrene, but whose services extend to custom labeling products according to customer’s brand requirements and recycling the products after their use.

The main production line is reserved to the pre-expansion of expandable polystyrene and subsequent formatting by moulds. The unit is comprised of pre-expanders and shape moulding machinery.
We also operate a different production process (better suited for lower volume production), in which products are cut straight off block EPS using either contour cutting or scooping machinery.

We have the ability to create products bearing our customers’ branding either by directly silkscreen printing on EPS boxes or by placing branded band strapping on the boxes.

Finally we recycle our clients’ used EPS products.

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