Company Profile

POLYFORMA S.A. makes expanded polystyrene (EPS) products. It makes products that are used throughout the spectrum of possible EPS applications. It is specialized in food packaging (fish, fruits and vegetables, drinks), medicine packaging and white goods / home appliances packaging. It also makes products for the agricultural industry (seedtrays-polytrays) as well as the construction industry (isorast).

Founded in 1981 in Inofyta Viotias POLYFORMA’s mission is to promote packaging from expanded polystyrene in the Greek market. With a customer-centric approach and a great emphasis on market research, POLYFORMA managed to design innovative products which found immediate resonance in the Greek market, bringing the company to the top of the industry. Today, 39 years after its founding, POLYFORMA remains the market leader of packaging EPS products in Greece.

More specifically, in fish packaging (fishboxes) the company has managed to hold a market share of about 75% , which makes it the clear cut market leader. The company also holds a leading position in white goods, water boilers, and medicines packaging, since its products cover the about 60% of the Greek market needs. In polytrays / seedtrays the company holds 75% of the market. POLYFORMA’s turnover is following a steady upward trend. Today, amid the Greek fiscal crisis, high growth has halted, however it has remained healthy and the company has not made any staff reductions.

POLYFORMA is EN ISO 9001/2015 (Quality Assurance System) certified and conducts regular quality controls of raw materials and finished products. Our long experience and high expertise, combined with continuous investments to optimize the production process and minimize production costs allowing production of high volumes at consistent quality and competitive pricing.

In the core of our philosophy one will find respect for our customers, their needs and requirements. Our top priority is efficiently servicing customer needs. Due to the large capacity of our production and experience in product design, we offer great flexibility in dealing with the specific needs of each client. Our corporate governance is based on a system that we have implemented for forecasting demand and measureming customer satisfaction.

POLYFORMA’s basic policy is that whatever actions we take must show respect for the environment. The modernization of our production process is designed not only to increase efficiency and optimize product quality, but also to minimize environmental impact. To that end, has made investments to save energy, recycle customers’ discarded products, all that while operating under a certified Environmental Management System (EN ISO 14001/2015).

In the 39 years that the company operates in the field, the man and the respect for human values, constitute the immediate priority, for this it is certified and applies a Health and Safety at Work Policy (OSH) and certification(OHSAS 18001/2007 ELOT 1801:2008).
Already meeting the requirements decided certified and maintaining a single management system in accordance with the standard SA 8000: 2014.
As part of the offer to society, the company ensures its workforce, the working environment to protect the environment and for her charity. For our company CSR policy envisages responsible initiatives undertaken and implemented specific policies to meet equally the expectations of all stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and the local community. To provide high quality products to its customers and to promote sustainable development.