Certifications - Management Systems

Quality assurance policies and EN ISO 9001/2008 certification

ISO 9001The term quality in our company means providing products of high and stable technical specifications that meet customer requirements and tested systematically.

Our company is EN ISO 9001/2008 certified and operates under systematic processes that ensure high quality services and products, consistency and reliability.

Both incoming materials and intermediate and finished products are tested regularly with well-defined stages of control and testing methods. Quality control at each stage is fully automated to ensure consistent high quality of our products. We apply a bar codes system automatically recording all information of each product, enabling effective control and traceability.


Environmental Policies, EN ISO 14001/2004 Certification

ISO 14000The term environmental policy represents in our company is, in general, respect the environment. We ensure that our every action, from simple recycling at the company premises until the more sophisticated production activities take place in such a way as to avoid or minimize any environmental impact.

Our company is EN ISO 14001/2004 certified and implements procedures that ensure the minimization of the impact of the production on the environment.

Specifically, all waste packaging materials available are recycled. We do not produce waste EPS, as the discarded products are recycled through the internal recycling system implemented in the production process.

We are the first company in Greece that has implemented recycling waste/used products of expanded polystyrene. Today recycling of waste products EPS is a small but significant activity of the company.


Health and Safety Policies, BS OHSAS 18001/2007 Certification.

OHSASIn an industrial environment such as that the one in which POLYFORMA operates, Health & Safety (OHS) is undoubtledly the first concern.

According to our Health & Safetey rules we conduct all our activities after taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of employees in the company, customers who use our products and our suppliers.

Our company is BS OHSAS 18001/2007 certified.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in accordance with standard SA8000: 2014.

In the 37 years that the company operates in the field, the man and the respect for human values, constitute the immediate priority.already meeting the requirements decided certified and maintaining a single management system in accordance with the standard SA 8000: 2014

As part of the offer to society, the company ensures its workforce, the working environment to protect the environment and for her charity ergo. Gia our company CSR policy envisages responsible initiatives undertaken and implemented specific policies to meet equally the expectations of all stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and the local community. To provide high quality products to its customers and to promote sustainable development.